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Bigg Cyfa - Been Dat

“Been Dat” is a definitive record released by Cyfa Fix in July 2023. He expresses his triumphs as a hustler.

“Make sure it’s real when it comes back around.” – Cyfa Fix

Intriguingly known as Lundun Taylor, or under the aliases Cyfa, Cyfa the Suffix, Cyfa Fix, or even Bigg Cyfa, a fervent affinity for percussion manifested in him during the early chapters of his life. From his vantage point stationed at the rear of the performance arena, he perceives an encompassing panorama. This ardor for the world of artistic expression eventually ushered him onto the path of becoming a creative virtuoso. Cyfa’s moniker, an epithet that emerged due to his capacity to triumph over adversaries in the realm of lyrical improvisations, thereby attesting to his prowess as a percussionist turned wordsmith. His metamorphosis into an artistic luminary commenced in the year 2010, an evolution that knows no retrogression.

Cyfa takes immense pride in his aptitude to excel in the domain of lyrical confrontations, consistently securing the mantle of the ultimate contender. His magnetic aura, entwined with his sagacious diction and elocution, evokes parallels with luminary figures such as Jay-Z and Tupac Shakur. He adroitly conveys evocative narratives and veracity through his verses, effortlessly encapsulating a distinctive persona within his lyrical canvas. Nonetheless, it is the grand theater of the stage that serves as the ultimate crucible for his talents, where they gleam most resplendently.

Evidently, Cyfa’s ardor for rhythmic expression, fused with his artistic prowess, has catapulted him into a realm adorned with accolades, indelible performances, and an ever-expanding legion of aficionados.

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